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26-Sep-2012, 08:04
Alright, so I mixed up some chemicals about a year ago and then promptly had no free time at all to use them. They've been stored in my fairly cool-temperature basement, in dark bottles. Last night I decided to take a look at them as I assumed they were no longer good. However I hypochecked the Fixer and it was not cloudy, the indicator stop bath was still yellow, and well I'm not sure about the HC110 but it looks and smells normal. I'm assuming there's a difference between chemical exhaustion and just plain old expiration (ie the chemicals have weakened over time and won't produce consistent results)? But before I dispose of them I just want to confirm with you kind folks (who know a lot more than me about this kind of thing) if I should or not.


26-Sep-2012, 22:26

According to Kodak, HC110 in stock solution should last 6 months in a full stoppered bottle. 2 months in a half full stoppered bottle. HC110 concentrate in an unopened bottle, indefinite.

If you doubt your chemistry, I personally would not risk the possibility of ruining my exposed film with the questionable chemistry. If you have some exposed film of not too important images, you can try the chemistry just as an experiment.


Doremus Scudder
27-Sep-2012, 02:30
Toss the fix and the developer; it's just not worth it to risk ruining negatives. The developer will likely have lost activity and the fix (despite not clouding with hypo-check) will have precipitated sulfur and also not be as active as it should be. (That said you could run a clip test on the fix and if it really still clears film in the same time as fresh fix, then it's likely still good. However, you need to mix fresh fix to check it against if you don't have that datum on record already...)

The stop bath, if it is acetic acid indicator stop (read Kodak indicator stop or equiv.) is just fine. Use it till the indicator just starts to change color.



27-Sep-2012, 03:43
I would toss the developer and the fixer is probably still good, but they're both easy to test.

27-Sep-2012, 06:58
Thanks everyone! I think I will make new developer and fixer, just to be safe (plus you're right, why risk ruining a negative when the chemicals themselves are cheaper).