View Full Version : One liter Flexicolor kits apparently no longer available

Joe O'Hara
17-Sep-2012, 17:15
This rather distressing news from Sherry at Photographers Formulary,
was in response to my inquiry this weekend when my order was declined:

"What we have is limited to stock on hand we can no longer get all the parts
to make it up."

PF as I understand repackaged large commercial kits, under nitrogen, into
1 liter sizes. I used one last year with good results.

Stock on hand, according to their e-commerce SW, is nil.

Any ideas on alternative kits? I'm aware of the Tetenal kits but have heard
that "blix"-type processes yield inferior results compared to C41. What are others'
experience with those?

Daniel Stone
17-Sep-2012, 19:25
Try the chems from Trebla, great stuff, amd can be mixed into 1gal sizes IIRC from the concentrate.