View Full Version : ICC Profile shows in CS5 but not in CS6

Frank Petronio
14-Sep-2012, 07:58
In prior versions, I would simply drag profiles to the Library/ColorSync folder. With this version they aren't showing up. Any idea what's up?

Darin Boville
14-Sep-2012, 08:16
I just encountered this. Hold down your option key (or is it the control key?) and choose "Go" from your menu. You Library folder will appear there, then proceed as normal.


Frank Petronio
14-Sep-2012, 09:36
I've done that and it is really strange, I can't get the Harman profile to show up in my list for Photoshop printing.

But this is the funny part: it shows up in CS5.

Frank Petronio
14-Sep-2012, 11:45
A little more snooping and it turns out that CS6 is "smart" and will only show profiles that match the color space of the printer choice. So somehow the printer ICC profiles provided by Harman are not showing properly. Perhaps they weren't created properly or the specs have changed and they need to be updated?

Anyone having trouble with their custom profiles?

Looks like I'll be testing and keeping CS5 around. Upgrades from Adobe SUCK. $600 for the Design Standard Upgrade and it's a POS PITA.