View Full Version : any way to ignore threads in "new posts"?

21-Aug-2012, 10:01
just a simple question - I know about and sparsely use the "ignore list" filtering, but I was wondering, whether there is any possibility not only to hide posts by certain members but also to completely hide threads started by them? Something like customizing the "new posts" view, so that it doesn't get littered with lots of nonsense.

Thank you.

21-Aug-2012, 10:10
I'd also love to eliminate certain "togs" from view.

Jerry Bodine
21-Aug-2012, 12:41
I'd also love to eliminate certain "togs" from view.

+1 Hear, hear.

21-Aug-2012, 16:26
I'd also love to eliminate certain "togs" from view.
+10, but not just from view.

To the OP's question... Just don't click on it.

- Leigh

Ralph Barker
23-Aug-2012, 07:01
"New Posts", "Unified View", etc. are just pre-configured searches for posts matching the general criteria. Although certain sub-forums can be excluded by number (as the Unified View does), I don't think one can exclude specific users at that level.

As Leigh suggested, it may be best to retrain your mouse-clicking finger not to click on those threads. ;-)

23-Aug-2012, 07:53
... ahhhh, the "other" digital technique!

Kevin J. Kolosky
29-Aug-2012, 11:55
Have you ever heard of just not reading it.