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19-Feb-2004, 07:33
Do you guys know of anyone that can take a picture and digitally put it on a blanket or a pillow or something like that? Here's why I'm thinking of this. My girlfriend's father died 12 years ago and he was extremely special to her, so I know it would mean a lot to her if I could do something special with a photo of her father for her. So I was thinking of ideas like putting it on a blanket or something like that. What are your thoughts?


19-Feb-2004, 07:51
It is done all the time. My sisters are into quilting and for my mother's 80th birthday they made a quilt of squares containing pictures of all her children, grandchildren and siblings. She loved it and my sisters got a lot of compliments on it.

BTW: I understand that the pictures are not permanent and can fade with time and washing. If you don't completely cover the item with water in the washing machine it fades really fast.


Collin Orthner
19-Feb-2004, 08:45
Matt, Try this site. www.treasureknit.com

Cheers, Collin

matthew blais
19-Feb-2004, 09:46
I would try two things: 1) Your local Photo (pro) lab that prints on large format inkjet can use a silk like material (I've had it done for office wall hangings for clients), then have someone sew a pillowcase or quilt or blanket or whatever.

2) Look in yellow page for "promotional items" distributor as there are mfg.'s that do that for this industry...though they usually deal in quantities, but should accomodate.

Promo items is part of my business and at the trade shows I've seen pillowcases, counter mats, entry mats/rugs, placemats - all using some form of inkjet technology.

As far as fading, I had my lab print out a custom flag for client on a banner/flag like material and the client's had it for over a year and has washed it and it looks like it did (essentially) when I delivered it.

Good luck.

Anne McIntosh
6-Apr-2004, 12:17
Thanks Colin for suggesting that Matt look at our site TreasureKnit takes your photograph, scans it and then has the image woven into the blanket. It isn't silk screened. And because the image is woven it won't fade with washing. Hope this helps you.