View Full Version : Help Wanted -- Exclude The Lounge from New Posts & Unified View

Keith Pitman
6-Jul-2012, 18:29
I had The Lounge excluded before the update a while back. Can I still exclude it? If so, how? Thanks.

Ralph Barker
7-Jul-2012, 05:23
That feature was provided by an add-in that isn't compatible with this version, and which the developer is no longer supporting. We're keeping our eye out for a replacement.

Eric Rose
20-Dec-2012, 12:57
Talk to Sean over at APUG. He might have a solution for you.

Ralph Barker
20-Dec-2012, 14:38
The following, which could be saved as an individual bookmark, seems to work:


David A. Goldfarb
20-Dec-2012, 20:21
Yes, we have that feature over at APUG, and I think we're running a current version of vBulletin. Sean should know. I was wondering why I was seeing lounge posts again. I thought I'd put the lounge on "ignore" long ago.