View Full Version : Victoria/Vancouver Island LF group

18-Jun-2012, 19:58
Family stuff has me in Victoia quite a bit these days. Anyone available for a weekday lunch meet-up?

16-Oct-2012, 00:35
anyone in Vancouver?

olivier B
22-Feb-2013, 14:16
I am in Vancouver. Let's meet up :)

Andrew O'Neill
22-Feb-2013, 16:57
I'm in Coquitlam. John Fee is in Vancouver as well. We get together a few times, drive around looking for things to photograph... usually end up at Timmies all pissed off cuz we've photographed everything... :)

22-Feb-2013, 22:26
Vancouver here as well! I just recently got back from up north of vancouver island. I dont know the island very well and would be interested in tagging along with you guys to see some great spots. However i am not so good with weekdays, weekends are much preferrable for me.

Andrew O'Neill
22-Feb-2013, 23:02
I miss living in Victoria... I miss the island.

25-Mar-2013, 21:50

i am new to this group and would like to meet other large format shooters.
please let me know if any meetings or events are coming in up in the next while