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Larry Hewitt
28-May-2012, 11:39
I'm just getting back into large format photography after a 30 year absence. During that time, I just used the point and shoot cameras of the time. I still have one camera from that time frame though, a Pacemaker Crown Graphic with a 150mm Symmar S that needs to have a CLA done on the shutter. I have purchased a couple of other cameras on line to start working in lf again. A 4x5 Graphic View II with a 203mm Ektar and a 5x7 Graflex with a 12 septum cut film pack. I shot the American Freedom Train in 1976 with a 5X7 Graflex, all hand held with TriX.

In the dark room, I have an Omega D2 and an Elwood 5x7 Enlarger. I still have a couple of FR 4x5 tanks for processing and will probably be tray developing the 5x7 stuff.

I'm really rusty but look forward to working in large format again. Thanks to all for listening.

Brian C. Miller
28-May-2012, 12:31
Welcome back to LF, Larry! I remember the Freedom Train when it went through Huntington, OR. Sounds like all you need is film, paper, and some new chemicals. Time to have some fun!

Jess C
28-May-2012, 21:41
Welcome to LF and enjoy!

29-May-2012, 12:03
Larry, I just got into SLC, and will be here for the summer. Feel free to drop me a line though the forum, as it is always fun to meet up with a fellow LF'er.

Kimberly Anderson
29-May-2012, 13:56
Come down to BYU on Friday night. There will be a bunch of LF guys you can meet. The particulars are in THIS THREAD (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?91276-Two-Summer-Solo-Exhibits-Utah).

Hope you enjoy your time here, and nice job getting out the big camera again!

Light Guru
29-May-2012, 22:40
I just moved back to Salt Lake myself and would love to get a Large Format group together.