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17-May-2012, 02:28

I am very much glad to find the interactive platform like this Large Format Photography for which I was desperate and looking for long. Now I am very much happy to be with the friends of having the same interest I would like to share. Actually I am from the (vacuum generating machinery field) and serving the (vacuum pumps manufacturing unit)

Our company is leading in the field of manufacturing & exporting different vacuum pumps for various industrial applications like Liquid ring vacuum pumps are for paper-mills and sugar factories, Single cone vacuum pumps are for power plants. Close couple vacuum pumps are widely used in consumer and FMCG industries. Two stage vacuum pumps are best for pharmaceutical machineries and chemical manufacturing machineries. I would be happy to share my knowledge, experience and expertise to my friends seeking the guidance for vacuum pumps for their custom requirements…

E. von Hoegh
17-May-2012, 08:17
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17-May-2012, 12:36
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Andrew O'Neill
7-Jun-2012, 11:19
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