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peter goldman
17-Jan-2004, 12:09
I'm in the market for a slightly wide angled lens for a 4x5 sinar X. I was considering the 120mm schneider apo-simmar L, but was told that the covering power won't allow for movements. I'm mainly just concerned with adjusting parallax for architecture but also appreciate the feeling one gets from a slightly wide lens. Is a 150mm lens( which allows for more movements) completely normal perspective or slightly telephoto or slightly wide? How does the 135mm schneider apo-simmar vary in quality to the newer apo-simmar L lenses?

Ralph Barker
17-Jan-2004, 13:15
I have yet to see a city that was planned with photography in mind, Peter. As a result, most architectural subjects tend to have annoying obstacles placed just where you'd like to set up your tripod - other buildings, busy streets, lamp posts, and such. So, you may find that "slightly wide" won't give you a sufficient angle of view. That's probably why many folks who shoot architecture with 4x5 use 90mm and wider lenses. From there, it's a matter of balancing between the angle of view the lens provides, and the size of the image circle needed for sufficient movements. As such, you might be better off looking at the Schneider Super Angulons or Super Symmar XL lenses, Rodenstock Grandagons, and that ilk.

I haven't seen any comparisons yet between the previous APO Symmars and the new L-series lenses, but someone else may have some info on that.

Walter Foscari
17-Jan-2004, 13:17
I was looking for the same kind of lens a few months ago. I originally considered the various Wide Angle versions (120 S.A. etc.) but finally opted for a Fuji W 125. Small, relatively inexpensive, super sharp and wide enough to allow for some decent amount of movement. Frankly those 120s Wide Angles are overkill for 4x5 and so expensive that you can get both the 125 and a 150 for less than you would pay for one of those.
Check out http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses/LF4x5in.html for the specs. Also http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses4x5.html for some discussion on the topic.


Gem Singer
17-Jan-2004, 13:56
Hi Peter,

A standard 135 or a 150 is still within the realm of a "normal" lens for the 4X5 format. For architectural photography, the larger the image circle, the better. Most wide angle lenses in the 90-120mm range should serve the purpose. The Schneider 110 Super Symmar XL would probably be the top choice.

Ernest Purdum
17-Jan-2004, 21:37
The old rule of thumb for a "normal" lens is one of approximately the focal length equal to the film diagonal. The diagonal of 4" X 5" is roughly 150mm, depending on how much, if any, you allow for borders. This said, many photographers never use a "normal" length lens.

peter goldman
20-Jan-2004, 13:21
Thankyou all for your responses.