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23-Apr-2012, 11:30
Is it possible to modify a Technika III rangefinder cam to fit the Technika V?

E. von Hoegh
23-Apr-2012, 11:32

23-Apr-2012, 11:36
Is this based on experience? Just curious.

E. von Hoegh
23-Apr-2012, 11:55
A forum member, Bob Salomon, is the man to answer your question in detail. http://www.largeformatphotography.info/linhof/technika.html

The cams for Linhof ST III and IV must be specifically cut for the camera body and lens in question. I think Richard Ritter does this.

Bob Salomon
23-Apr-2012, 12:00
The III is an orphan, most parts for a III do not fit later models, this includes not only cams but also the ground glass, lens baords and fresnel screens.
In any case the point is moot. On a III and a IV the cam had to be cut to the specific lens by serial number and the specific camera body by serial number. Without modifying the second body the cam would not track properly (III to III body and IV to IV body. Not III cam to IV body).
Starting with the V cams became intercahgeable between V and Master Technika bodies but a IV would have to be modified to use the cams cut for later cameras if you wanted them to track correctly on the older body. But they were still cut to the specific lens by serial number.
Once the cam does not match the numbers it becomes scrap metal.

And why would you want a III lens to work on a V? The lenses were improved over time as well as the cameras were.

23-Apr-2012, 12:01
Yeah, I'm aware of the official position, I'm more interested in hearing whether anyone has tried it. Thanks!

Bob Salomon
23-Apr-2012, 12:02
Lots of people try lots of things but in over 30 years of being the Linhof Product Manager I have never seen or heard of an adoptation working.

23-Apr-2012, 12:03
Bob - is anyone making new cams now? I'd love to use my 150/2.8 Xenotar on my Technika V. Unless there's some modern equivalent of this lens....

E. von Hoegh
23-Apr-2012, 12:45
Bob - is anyone making new cams now? I'd love to use my 150/2.8 Xenotar on my Technika V. Unless there's some modern equivalent of this lens....

Try Richard Ritter, he's located in Vermont.

You can also focus on the groundglass.....

Frank Petronio
23-Apr-2012, 13:12
Why wouldn't you try the Linhof Service Center to make a cam for the Xeno on a Tech V? Martin must have boxes of cams to work from.

Bob Salomon
23-Apr-2012, 13:30
It would use exactly the same blank cam as any current 150mm Apo Sironar S, Schneider, Fuji lens. Marflex has them and cuts them. 252 652-4401.

23-Apr-2012, 14:14
I've tried Richard Ritter, the only contact info I've found must be out of date. I've only ever gotten a busy signal on the phone and no response to emails.

Oren Grad
23-Apr-2012, 15:28
Richard Ritter's info is here:


But Marflex is the authorized service center if you need a cam for a late-model Technika:

Marflex Service
117 Anchorage Dr
Havelock NC 28532

Phone: 252-652-4401

David A. Goldfarb
23-Apr-2012, 17:11
The III mounting shoe is different from the IV/V/MT shoe, so III cams are not modifiable for later cameras.

24-Apr-2012, 10:58
Yeah, I guess the reason I'm looking to modify the cam I have is that after leaving countless messages for the service people listed above, and *never* receiving a response, I've given up trying to do this the right way.

E. von Hoegh
24-Apr-2012, 11:03
Is your photography such that you are not able to use the GG for focussing? A Speed Graphic may be the answer, I believe the rangefinder could be calibrated for that lens.
The other option would be to get a cam for the STV from a 150mm lens, by a combination of peening and filing match it to that lens. Not recommended.