View Full Version : FEISOL PB90 Between Gitzo GT4330LS Tripod and Ries A250-2 Head for Panning?

20-Apr-2012, 11:20
Hi all,

I just placed an order for a Ries A250-2 head to compare with my Arca Swiss Monoball B2 head. Both will be used with a Gitzo GT4330LS tripod. This set up is for a Deardorff V11 which weighs in at 28lbs before lens. The only potential "issue" that I anticipate running into with the Ries on the Gitzo is the absence of panning which is built into Ries's tripods and consequently not built into the heads. I've read a few discussions regarding this and overall people have found various solutions and many state that it isn't bothersome for the most part. In an effort to cover my bases I've been looking for large panning bases that could be put between the Gitzo and the Ries which would provide panning if I decide I need it and want to keep the tripod head combination.

I've read a bit about the FEISOL PB90 panning base which is low profile and rated with a load capacity up to 83.8lbs which is more then enough for the V11. I'm wondering if anyone can offer accounts of using this panning base to provide panning when using a larger Ries head with a Gitzo. I'm wondering if the difference in diameter of the FEISOL surface (3.5 inch) and the Ries (6 inch) would be problematic or a weak point. Any help and insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

Peter De Smidt
20-Apr-2012, 12:02
I have a Feisol panning base. I use it mainly for panorama use. It's ok, but it's not up to the quality of the other items you're talking about. It would be a weak link, imo.

20-Apr-2012, 12:02
If the Ries head is so much larger, you might find it difficult to manipulate the screw on the panning base.

Here is some info if you have not seen it:


20-Apr-2012, 12:30
Peter, thanks for the account. I was hoping it was of a higher quality.

Jeroldharter, thanks for the link. So far it seems like I should keep looking for a better option.

Are there any large panning bases made for large format? I'm surprised at how difficult this is to find. I've read many accounts of people using the same and similar combos to what I'll be using so I would image someone would have made an appropriate panning base.

20-Apr-2012, 12:39
why aren´t you considering a ries tripod for the Ries A250-2 ? to me it seems to be a natural combination, particulary for a deardorf 11x14?
if you want to use the gitzo 4330 i would look for the manfrotto 400 head. it has a very convenient quick release system and if fully geared. you just have to drop it inside the head. pretty handy for such a big and heavy camera.
from an aestetical point of view a big wooden camera deserves a big wooden tripod.

20-Apr-2012, 13:03
Aesthetics aren't what I make decisions based on although I do agree that the V11 would look best on a full Ries setup. The Gitzo 4330 has a greater load capacity then the Ries A100 tripod and a little less then the A100-2 and at half the weight of both. I've used Gitzo for a long time and prefer their tripods overall. I'm sure I would like a Ries tripod but the extra weight makes a difference when I'm already carrying an 11x14 kit. What can I say? I like what I like.

Peter De Smidt
20-Apr-2012, 13:43
I just checked, and my Feisol is a PB 90. If you'd like, you could use mine for a few weeks for the cost of shipping. PM me if you want to do that.


evan clarke
20-Apr-2012, 14:29
Francesco, Imhav a Gitzo 3540 XLS with a universal Bogen adapter on it which allows me to interchange heads. I use a plain old Bogen 3 way head with my 11x14 and on the carbon tripod, it's rock steady..

20-Apr-2012, 15:21
Peter, thank you for the generous offer! I'm working on a very tight schedule as it is but I'll PM you to see if we can arrange something in the window I have. It may just be easier to purchase one.

Evan, i don't like traditional three way heads for the most part. The Arca head I have is robust and I have no uncertainty that it can handle the V11 like a champ but I am interested in the greatest stability possible. For that it's going to be either the Arca or the Ries heads for me. That much I'm fairly certain of as far as my equipment and preferences go.

evan clarke
20-Apr-2012, 16:16
In general, I agree. I have 5 Arca cameras and use a Cube for almost everything. I have found the 3 way to ne top knotch for my 11x14 Cheers and good luck with the big boy..Evab

20-Apr-2012, 16:34
5 Arca's!! Geeze! The Cube is a work of art *drool. Oh, I updated the other thread in which you posted about the BullPac if you wanna check it out. Thanks for the insight!

Peter De Smidt
20-Apr-2012, 16:47
I bought mine from Kerry at Really Big Cameras. He told me to check it out and send it back if I didn't like it. I'm sure you could arrange something similar.

Otherwise, there's this: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/569209-REG/Gitzo_GS5121LVL_GS5121LV_Leveling_Base.html

Or this: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=611059&Q=&is=REG&A=details

20-Apr-2012, 16:55
I've been calling Kerry all day and got no answer. Seeing as I'm working on a tight schedule I need to get this figured out asap.
I've seen the leveling base, actually have one at the store I work at used but it doesn't have the rated capacity I'm looking for. I hadn't seen the Gitzo Panoramic Disc you linked to. That looks like a better version of the FEISOL. It says its load capacity is 26.46lbs. How is it that the FEISOL's load capacity could be 80lbs?

Peter De Smidt
20-Apr-2012, 17:06
As far as I know, manufactures simply make up load ratings. There's no standard.

20-Apr-2012, 17:17
Thats a shame. Well I'm not comfortable with the load capacity of the Gitzo and I don't believe the FEISOL rating. I'm just going to see how I like the Ries without pan and see if it bothers me. I always have the Arca to fall back on anyway and I can put a set of sticks under the Ries head anytime.

Daniel Stone
21-Apr-2012, 11:12

You said you were going to assist M+P? I assisted them in Iceland in 2010, and they're pretty "set in their ways" with using a Ries tilt/swivel head, Paula with the 8x10 KMV and Michael with his 12x20(with 8x20 back) Deardorff.

What I'd suggest is waiting until you meet up with them, and see their setup, and how they work with it. Its actually somewhat liberating, and IMO, their method works very well. And once its set, its ROCK SOLID.


21-Apr-2012, 12:02
Hi Dan, where you in Iceland with David Emitt Adams? He's a good friend of mine and assisted them in Iceland as well although I'm not sure on which trip. I think I might just spend the last bit of cash I have and pick up a Ries A100-2 to bring out with me. That way I'll be able to pick which I really like more and sell the other.

Daniel Stone
21-Apr-2012, 15:18
Hi Dan, where you in Iceland with David Emitt Adams? He's a good friend of mine and assisted them in Iceland as well although I'm not sure on which trip. I think I might just spend the last bit of cash I have and pick up a Ries A100-2 to bring out with me. That way I'll be able to pick which I really like more and sell the other.

Hey Francesco,

Yes, David and I were on the same trip with them in 2010. Since you've mentioned its your last bit of cash, I'd save your money for your trip, you mever know when a blowout might happen or something outside your control.

When you arrive in PA, see if M+P have an extra set of Ries sticks that you can borrow for a short time so you can ”try before you buy” so to speak.

Ries tripods are very well built, and can last a long time. But just like cars, different people like different things. I love my giant tele studex tripod(series 5), and its heavy, but very solid.

But unless you already have spare emergency cash allocated for your cross-country trip, I'd recommend having some cash rather than a new tripod.


21-Apr-2012, 15:36
Dan, this is my last bit of "spending cash". I've got emergency money saved up for the trip (unless I go crazy and spend that too, haha). I already spoke with Michael a little earlier and he said the same thing, to just use one of theirs for now to see if I like it and then buy one later if that is the case. Saves me from spending money now which is a good thing!