View Full Version : Maxwell screens on digital wide systems

15-Apr-2012, 01:33
I have a Linhof Techno digital system with 35mm and 47mm non-retrofocus lenses. These are rather dark on the Linhof gg + fresnel. I'm considering upgrading to a Maxwell screen, and Bill has suggested a "HI-LUX Brilliant Matte 2.3" which I think is the widest he has. I guess 2.3 means 2.3 inch focal length, that is a bit longer than those 35mm.

I've heard a lot of great things about Maxwell screens on the 4x5" film cameras, it seems to be "the best" out there. But I haven't heard much about them on digital systems where focal lengths are even shorter. Has anyone used them?

15-Apr-2012, 05:10
It is a Maxwell Precision Optics focus screen (http://kapturegroup.com/solution/three.html#sba) that is used in the Kapture Group sliding backs. I have been using one of these backs with my Arca M Line 2 for two years now and cannot complain. I use this particular camera in the studio only, but I do not always use studio lighting. I know from my 4x5" experience, these screens are an improvement over OEM standard screens. Hope this helps.