View Full Version : How to determine model number of Calumet View Camera

Jerry Cunningham
14-Apr-2012, 12:52
I think I have a model C400 camera but I am unable to find a model number on the camera itself. Does anyone know where they hide the model number?

14-Apr-2012, 12:54
I don't believe model numbers were ever identified on the camera itself.

Jerry Cunningham
14-Apr-2012, 14:28
Thanks for the answer. I looked all over the camera and I can't find a model number.

14-Apr-2012, 15:29
The model is determined by the length of the rail, I think camera eccentric has an old catalog online.

14-Apr-2012, 15:51
Why don't you google image it?

14-Apr-2012, 15:54
How long is the rail, and are the bellows sort-of baggy or conventional stiffly pleated?

The cc-400 was the standard model, with a 16" rail, as I recall. The 401 had a 22" rail and longer bellows, but both of these had conventional bellows.

The 402 was the wide-field version with a rail a little over 7" and baggy bellows. It also had a recessed front standard that did not require a recessed board for 90mm and shorter lenses.

There was a later series of the same camera. The 403 seems to be a 400 but in a black finish. I have a 1978 equipment price list that might show that series; I'll look. The black models were made 1975-81, or thereabouts. The original models were offered starting in 1966 or so. That series was replaced by Calumet-badged versions of the Cambo SuperCambo series.

Rick "who still has a cc-400 somewhere" Denney

Jerry Cunningham
14-Apr-2012, 20:17
Thanks again for all your help. A Google search was not much help.

15-Apr-2012, 07:09
Try posting a picture here. There are lots of knowledable people here and even more opinions than that.