View Full Version : Where'd my new icc profile go?

14-Apr-2012, 12:11
So I've got a new NEC p221w monitor here (os 10.7.2) and I'm using the new iprofiler for lion software download to run the calibration. At the end it lets me name/save the profile, which I've done but I don't have any idea where it's saving to. It's not in my profiles or desktop. Using search in the Finder is of no help. Where'd it go?
I'm gettin' angry.

Peter Mounier
14-Apr-2012, 13:57
Ok, I spoke too soon. Your monitor profile is in the User library, which in Lion, isn't visible. You can make it visible though by going to Finder > Go >Go to folder, then typing in the field ~/Library. Once in the user library look in the ColorSync folder for profiles.


14-Apr-2012, 14:01
Yeah, that's where they're supposed to be.
Mine don't show up there but now they've appeared in photoshop where they belong. I don't get it and I don't know why they don't show up in searches.

Peter Mounier
14-Apr-2012, 14:08

Did you see my edited reply with hidden library info?


16-Apr-2012, 10:09
There are several workarounds for this Lion user folder issue here:

20-Apr-2012, 05:14
Grrr. Lion - this is why I am not upgrading yet.