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13-Apr-2012, 23:31
I put a similar question along with a WTB ad in the classifieds section but figured starting a thread here might be useful. I've been looking around for people's recommendations for cases for 11x14 cameras, specifically Deardorff V11, but I've found that many of the things I'm reading are at least a few years old and the companies in some cases are no longer around. I'd be very interested to know what cases people are using and what are current solutions to this. Thanks!

David Lobato
14-Apr-2012, 06:45
The local craigslist here has a used Underwater Kinetics case for sale, similar to Pelican, with wheels and extended handle. I'm tempted to get it for my Deardorff V8. Backpacks are sort of okay, fine for my 4x5 gear, but a hard case with wheels seems a lot more convenient when staying close to the car and around home with a larger camera. Plus it's for the extra protection in a car/truck while traveling and loading/unloading. I have experience traveling with my musician wife and her heavy music equipment. So I know the benefits of good protection, good organization, hauling out of the vehicle, up/down stairs and down hallways. If I do buy the advertised case for my 8x10 I'll let you know how it works out.

David A. Goldfarb
14-Apr-2012, 07:43
For my American Optical 11x14" camera, I found a used Tenba case for a Mac G5 Tower. These cases are well made, suitable for shipping, designed for road warriors traveling to conventions and trade shows and originally cost around $450-650, and now that there are laptops powerful enough for such purposes, they can be found relatively inexpensively. They stand vertically and load conveniently from the top and have one divider, and are just the right size for a folding 11x14" field camera and some holders with space for lenses and other accessories. For a case this size and this sturdy, they're also fairly lightweight. The models to look for are the Tenba Roadshow RS-G5W (with wheels) and the RS-G5T (without).

Oren Grad
14-Apr-2012, 08:55
What are the folded dimensions of the camera?

You might look also at the Lightware V-series cases.

evan clarke
14-Apr-2012, 10:32
I bought a Bull Pac, link here, http://www.bullpacs.com/ ,mine is the xxl model. I put a poece of upholstery foam on the pack which bends onto the bottom shelf. I took an appropriate square of quilted cloth and placed it 45 degrees to perpendicular. It works like a lens wrap with the corners folding in. The camera lays in, I place the folded dark cloth on it, place two holders in Kraft envelopes on top and then secure it with straps which adjust and have plastic snap locks. On the top of the frame, I wire tied two small Tamrac pouches which accomodate 1 lens each..Email me and I can return some snapshot of it (anybody).. I live on an iPad now and can't post the pocs in this forum from here..Evan Clarke

evan clarke
14-Apr-2012, 12:00
Here are pictures of my pack setup for my 11x14..71991719927199371994

evan clarke
14-Apr-2012, 12:01
The last two..7199571996

16-Apr-2012, 10:03
I'll think I'll end up with a Tenba case if all works out. I'm thinking about a similar solution to Evan's but using the Bull Pac to carry the Tenba when I need to backpack with it. I would assume that I can strap the Tenba to it using straps in the same way and it should be just as secure. Evan, how comfortable is carrying your rig?

20-Apr-2012, 15:24
So I ended up with the Tenba case which is a perfect fit and holds the V11 along with 3 holders with room for dark cloth and maybe the lenses. I also spoke with a very sweet woman at BullPacs. They are sending me a BullPac and she even went out of her way to have me call back with the dimensions of the Tenba case so she could set up a custom strap rig specifically intended for the case. Very generous customer services from BullPacs! I'll update when the frame arrives.

Carl J
9-May-2012, 17:41
Hi Francesco, Did you receive your BullPac? Pics loaded with the Tenba?

Tav Walraven
9-May-2012, 18:10
Here's another option for you. This was an old Samsonite and I purchased wheels and a steel rod etc. and a few other goodies and now have this case which can go just about anywhere. Tires are inflatable, not solid.


This is the same with my 12x20 enclosed..............


I have since purchased a nicer case from Calumet and installed the same wheels etc. but the case is similar to the Pelican, just cheaper and much more protective. You might look into Pelican, Storm, or the Calumet case in a smaller size for 11x14. Even if the smaller models don't come with wheels, any of the hard Pelican-type cases will accept the wheels, rod, aluminum tubing (which is riveted onto the bottom of the case). The larger ones have the pull-out handle built in, as most of the smaller ones do not. With the Samsonite, it was a breeze to take the camera, 5 holders, several lenses, and put the tripod on top behind the handle, and the tires absorb most annoying rocky terrain.

Bottom view.........