View Full Version : Chamonix 8x10 mk 1 question.

12-Apr-2012, 11:03
Okay i have mounted a Dallmeyer 3b to a sinar sized lens board and got it to fit onto my new to me Chamonix 8x10 mk 1 camera.... This version does not have a front tilt lock like the newer ones. As a work around, i want to make a short brace that just touches the underside of the lens barrel, and the other end screws into one of the holes on the carbon fiber focus rail. I want to make it adjustable so that i can still use tilts without worrying about getting lens droop. I was going to use a threaded rod with a central areathat can twist to lengthen or shorten its length give me the ability to use tilts. So i need to know what the thread size and pitch is for the holes in the carbon focus base?? Anyone have any ideas??