View Full Version : Linhof Rapid Rollex Manual or Instructions

12-Apr-2012, 01:38

I just bought a used Rapid Rollex.
Unfortunately it didn't come with a manual.
So, I have used many many different Rollfilm-Backs but just can't figure out how this one works.

Anyone has some advice?



Bob Salomon
12-Apr-2012, 10:57
What do you need help with figuring out? It is fairly straight forward.

12-Apr-2012, 13:31
Hi Bob,

I think I figured it out:
1. Set the arrow on the counter-disc to the marker-arrow (if not already there after last film change)
2. Unwind the film until the start-arrows can be seen in the two round windows (that was the "hardest" part to figure out as there is no "start marking")

Is that correct?

Bob Salomon
12-Apr-2012, 13:51
That is correct.

Let me know if there are other questions or call me at 800 735-4373 from 9 to 5 EST. M to F.

13-Apr-2012, 01:49
Thanks Bob. I think I got it now.
And in case of trouble: the Linhof headquarter/factory is just two kilometers away. :)