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9-Apr-2012, 15:25
I have a sinar Large format (?) camera & I'd like to find a little info about it / how much is it worth, before I try to sell it.
Does anybody know where I can find the model #?
It comes with a lens:
"Schneider-Kreuznach 12463015 lens made in Germany Copal-N0.0 Symmar-S 5.6/150.
I also think it has grid ground glass, bellows, extension rail, & rail clamp.

Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks.717017170071702:rolleyes:

9-Apr-2012, 15:42
Unfortunately Sinar does not put model numbers on their cameras, because they're fully modular.

Your camera is a good example.

I believe it's a model C, which combines the rear standard of a P with the front standard of an F.

This was a standard catalog item. It uses the same accessories as the more recent P2 and F2.

- Leigh

adam satushek
9-Apr-2012, 15:46
Doesn't look like a P rear to me...so I believe its an early F1 or F+, honestly not sure of the difference...but have one just like it that I'm looking to sell also.

Someone here will know exactly what it is.

9-Apr-2012, 15:54
You're right, it's not a P rear. It has vertical rods, which the P does not have.

The front standard is lighter, so this might be an F1, which is a lighter version of the F.

- Leigh

10-Apr-2012, 06:11
This is a plain F or F+. The front standard is the Multipurpose Standard Type 1, which is a clip-over design for use as an intermediate bellows connector on a P (or for other purposes), and served as the front standard of the F and F1. The rear standard is the Multipurpose Standard Type 2, which has geared focusing.

The F2 had geared focusing front and rear, and the later versions had separate locks for shift and swing.

The F1 was always all-black, in keeping with Sinar's styling norms when the F2 was introduced, and also had the later rubber-covered knobs.

Sinar made incremental changes as they went for all their models, so I've never been able to nail down a concise description of the difference between an F and an F+. In function they are the same.

The P standards have geared movements, including asymmetrical base tilts. The bottoms are much different-looking, though the frames are similar and most of the accessories are the same. The C had a P rear and a Muiltipurpose Standard I on the front, and the X was like the P but with less precision in the movements to lower the price point. The A-1 (aka Alpina) is the outlier, because it's the only one that does not use the Sinar round rail. Otherwise, it's like an F. The Sinar camera before the F and P series was all-metal, with bright aluminum and (usually) olive painted parts. It is known as the Norma. Norma: late 40's to 1971ish; others: 1971ish to current models. The F1 and F2 came out in 1989 or so to replace the F/F+. This one is likely late 70's or early 80's.

I sure hope I'm remembering my Multipurpose Standard numbers correctly. But I think I have it right. Point is: Sinar, having designed the P (for "Perfection"), discovered that their system made it possible to put together a lightweight field camera with a couple of the accessory standards made for the P, and they called that the F (for "Field").

Rick "who can't find the differences in the F and F+ even looking in the service manuals" Denney

Jerry Flynn
10-Apr-2012, 06:49
It is a model f+. RDenny is right - the f1 would have black trim. The difference between the f and the f+ was that the f had a "low profile" rail clamp while the f+ had the normal Sinar clamp as used by the p. The other difference between the f+ and an f1 or f2 was that the f+ used a pointer on the left side of the focusing block for the swing/tilt calculation while the f1 and f2 employ a rotating dial/wheel. The knobs are different, too - the f1 and f2 have round knobs with rubber grips.

Sinar put a serial number on the cameras - on the bottom of the rail clamp. But, the other components, being modular, could be from any camera or could have been purchased separately such as the extension rail we see on your camera.

Your camera dates from the 1980's or so. Check the auction sites for prices - they seem to go between $300 and $400.

10-Apr-2012, 07:45
Thanks, Everyone for all of the info. It really helps. Now all I have to do is search auction sites, etc, to try & put a fair price on this. If anyone is interested in buying or knows of the best site to list it for sale, please let me know.
Thanks, again!