View Full Version : Photostock 2012 - Midsummer Photographer's Gathering in Northern Michigan

9-Apr-2012, 11:43
Photostock 2012 - The Circus Continues!
Harbor Springs/Good Hart/Cross Village, Michigan
June 21- 24

Registrations are now open for this year's gathering on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is now the 6th gathering and once again we will be using the Birchwood Inn (http://www.birchwoodinn.com) as a base of operations. There will be the usual... a few presentations and demonstrations, a lot of shooting and most of all, time spent with friends old and new.

Those of you that have been before know what it's about... a friendly, check your ego at the door gathering of people that do what we all do. Large format, small format, digital and traditional... anything goes and all are welcome. See the website for more information about lodging and other things to expect. Bring your gear! Bring prints! And, if coming, be sure to bring a print for the annual print exchange and you'll go home with a great original print.


A good time will be had. Many exposures will be made. I hope you'll be able to join us!!

Bill Schwab

Kirk Gittings
9-Apr-2012, 11:53
Sounds like a blast. Unfortunately I will be in Chicago at that time teaching my class again.

10-Apr-2012, 07:40
Bring 'em up, Kirk! There are several so far coming from the Chicago area.

Some year we should get you up there if you'd be interested. It'd be great to see you again and I think you'd love it.

Kirk Gittings
10-Apr-2012, 07:44
I'd love to go. Maybe next year. I am trying to teach in Chicago every other year now.

matthew blais
10-Apr-2012, 07:48
I attended in '08 and Bill is an excellent host and met some real nice people...
A good time, a great place.

Kerik Kouklis
10-Apr-2012, 09:16
I'd love to go again, but I'll be landing in Scotland right about then... Have a great time.

MIke Sherck
10-Apr-2012, 13:37
Wouldn't miss it, Bill. One of the highlights of my photographic year.