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Uri A
9-Apr-2012, 04:50
Hi all,

A few Sinar P2 questions:

1: what's the difference between the standard bearers and the "special" bearers?
2: Is the "special" rear bearer for 8x10 same as the "special" rear bearer for 4x5?
3: I have a special rear bearer for 8x10 and want to shoot 4x5. what do you call the back I need to fit on this bearer?

Thank you in advance

Clive Gray
9-Apr-2012, 07:18
The specail bearers are more robust for use with 10x8, the 10x8 back wieghs signifigantly more than the 5x4 one. Another difference is the detents / markings are set up for 10x8. The front standard bearer is physically much longer than the standard one.

Specail bearers were available for the rear with the P as well although I'm not certain that there was a specail front standard for the P (I have a 30th aniversary 10x8 P and the front bearer is the standard one).

There is no specail rear bearer for 5x4. Either the standard or specail bearers can be used for any format by just adding the required rear carrier frame bellows and back.

You just need a 5x4 coupling frame of any vintage from a P or P2 and any 5x4 back of your choice anything from a Norma era one to a P2 Metering back will fit.

It is well worth getting a copy of the Sinar code as looking through that the illustrations will help to make your options clear.

You can find a copy on Mike Buktus's Orpan Camera Mauals site (http://www.butkus.org/chinon/sinar/sinar.htm)

Uri A
9-Apr-2012, 16:11
That's very informative thank you Clive. I found a Sinar brochure with all the codes but thanks for the explanation about the options!