View Full Version : Restore "auto-saved content". WOW

Kirk Gittings
8-Apr-2012, 11:13
I just discovered this. I noticed the forum software was "auto saving" my posts once a minute as I was writing them. Have you ever written a long post, spaced out and forgot to hit "submit" and surfed on? Your contribution disappears right and you have to start over? How many times have I done this? Oftentimes I just considered it the will of god and moved on-the universe was telling me to shut-the-f**k-up. Not in the new software. Simply go back to where you were> reply>go to advanced. On the bottom left corner of the advanced post grey "boundary box" is a button that says Restore Auto-Saved Content". Walah!!!! Your glorious verbiage reappears.

Adrian Pybus
8-Apr-2012, 11:21
Good to know! Thanks!


Eric Rose
8-Apr-2012, 17:01
Now if I could just recover someone else's words of wisdom rather than my own, that would be a great feature.

15-Jun-2012, 07:29
this should be a sticky. second time it has saved my ass.

bumping it.

Kirk Gittings
15-Jun-2012, 12:00
Good idea.

Joe Smigiel
15-Jun-2012, 12:02
...I just considered it the will of god...

Cool feature but let's keep religion out of it. Wouldn't want self-banning or flagellation of the moderators next. :p

29-Sep-2012, 08:12
This is a very useful feature.

Ed Bray
29-Sep-2012, 08:39
I was lucky enough to discover this during my holiday in Egypt when 3 times in a row I lost what I was tapping in on the ipad, I was just about to throw the ipad at the wall when I saw the auto restore button, pressed button, breathe slow, then all was good.

Kirk Gittings
30-Sep-2012, 17:38
It is the savior of brain dead old farts

30-Sep-2012, 19:12
We have so many things to worry about, one less the better.

30-Sep-2012, 21:13
I actually discovered this feature early on.

Too bad for you guys.

Rick "who ought to listen when the fates are saying STFU" Denney