View Full Version : Sinar Bayonet Adapters for Auto Shutter Cable ?

7-Apr-2012, 08:09
Anyone know what these are used for?
Sinar Bayonet Adapters for Auto Shutter Cable

Frank Petronio
7-Apr-2012, 08:23
Never heard of them.

But something that would convert the shutters to using regular cable releases would be great, these don't look like that though.

7-Apr-2012, 09:06
I've not heard this bayonet name either, but i do have one. This is the adapter that screws into the rear frame, accepting the often missing cable that goes to the Sinar shutter. When the front and rear are connected with that cable and this adapter, the shutter will close and be ready to trip when a film holder is inserted and seated... making it very convenient to use.