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4-Apr-2012, 18:46
Just wanted to thank everyone who helped get me started with lenses and other equipment for an older model Sinar F series. Based on recommendations here I've acquired a Rodenstock 90/6.8 and a Nikkor 65/4 to accompany a Nikkor 180/5.6 I've had for years. I know I said I preferred a 75 for super wide angle because it would cover 4x5 better, but frankly I don't think either a 65 or 75 would get a lot of use on 4x5 format. Either would, however, on 6x9, and the 65 is a bit wider -- about 28mm on 135format. And I'm so glad I listened to those of you who encouraged sticking to wider apertures for the shorter focal lengths. It makes a big difference. Here's the first photo I took with the new Sinar, this with the 180mm using roll film. Since the camera is from the 70's, the 180/5.6 purchased in the 80's and the Graflex filmback older than I am (and that's old) I used a roll of FP4 I found in the closet that must be at least 20 years old. Developed in Diafine.
It's my barn. Well, it's the back side. In Maine the front side of your barn looks presentable :).

Thanks again,