View Full Version : Greetings from Canada

3-Apr-2012, 14:12
Hi everyone, my name is Peter and I'm from Toronto. I recently acquired a Calumet 401 and I'm getting into the wonderful world of large format. I'm really enjoying it, and look forward to all the great knowledge on this forum :)

3-Apr-2012, 14:58
Hi Peter.
I am in Hamilton
Keep you eyes peeled for Rob Skeotch's get togethers

3-Apr-2012, 15:16
Welcome to the forum, it's been too long since I last shot large format. Just getting back into it, so I'm quite new here too. You'll find the forum helpful in aiding you learning large format photography.

Tony Evans
3-Apr-2012, 16:54
Peter, welcome from out west. If you love LF, this is a magical place.

4-Apr-2012, 08:18

Welcome to the forum. I have you have a great time with your LF journey.


David Brunell
6-Apr-2012, 18:50
Welcome, I am relatively new here myself and we have a great number of kind and helpful people on this forum. Enjoy this format, it will change your life!