View Full Version : Plaubel Prazisions Peco

Chuck Pere
3-Apr-2012, 06:19
I saw this interesting interchangeable lens 9x12cm outfit on Ebay:

I found some information that the Anticomar was a tessar type lens. The Tele-Peconar (not pecomar) is a zoom type lens. But I'm not sure what the focal lengths of this one would be. The Heli-Orthar (not Orinar) is the wide angle. Not sure of it's construction type.

I was wondering if anyone has ever used this type of camera? At the price I suppose it's more of a collector's item. Just wondering how lenses compared to the standard Zeiss Tessars of the time.

3-Apr-2012, 06:50
In all honesty, Plaubel's own lenses were rather underwhelming. Pre WW I they were state of the art, but after their camera building business took off, they rather neglected lens design, and remained stuck in pre enlarging days - that is, their lenses are good enough for contact copies, but nothing bigger...

The Orthar seems to be a Dialyte (at any rate it is a wide spaced four element lens) and is ok for a wide lens of that vintage once stopped down, the Anticomar was their Tessar type (but now quite up to those by Zeiss or Schneider), and the Tele Peconar was a varifocal (not zoom as the lens/film distance had to be tracked along with the focal length change) tele with rather abysmal image quality (at least on both of mine).

Chuck Pere
6-Apr-2012, 07:55
Thanks for the information. It might be fun to play with at the right price. But it's worth more then I would pay for the privilege.