View Full Version : Best cleaning method for nicer matte LCD screens?

Frank Petronio
31-Mar-2012, 15:12
What is the "right" way to clean these nice matte LCD screens? Seems like anything wet will streak, but finger grease is worse... people who touch screens should get their digits amputated as general policy.

Sal Santamaura
31-Mar-2012, 17:25
I clean the one on my laptop by rubbing gently using a white paper towel moistened with distilled water. No streaks or drops remain when any small amount of water left behind evaporates naturally. Good quality paper towels, folded so the perforated (torn-off) edges don't touch the screen, leave behind virtually no paper dust either.

Hans Berkhout
1-Apr-2012, 06:32
have you tried micro cloth?

1-Apr-2012, 06:39
Stop watching porn on that monitor.

1-Apr-2012, 08:35
The official story is use monitor cleaning fluid on a microfiber cloth.

The microfiber is a great idea (keep it clean ... you can throw them in the wash,)

The fluid can be bought for too much money or can be made at home (proportions are approximate):
-2/3 distilled water
-1/3 rubbing alcohol
-a splash of foto-flo (My addition. Seems like a good idea to eliminate spots or streaking, if you already have a bottle sitting around)

Just be careful if the screen gets really dirty. It doesn't take much grit to scratch that soft finish.

Doug Fisher
1-Apr-2012, 08:42
A microfiber cloth and cleaning fluid designed for glasses with anti-reflective coating is a pretty safe method (you can buy it fairly cheap at WalMart). Windex with its ammonia is supposedly a no-no.


Sal Santamaura
1-Apr-2012, 09:24
...matte LCD screens?...

...glasses with anti-reflective coating...
Frank, I answered assuming you were referring to a slightly textured screen surface like mine. Doug's response is apparently based on a smooth, AR-coated screen. Which type do you need to clean?

Frank Petronio
1-Apr-2012, 09:48
Mine are NEC P221W monitors that seem slightly textured, versus my old MacBook Pro Matte that was pretty smooth and glassy. I just don't want to move grease around.

As for porn, eh it looks lousy, when they going to make it 3D 1080p?

7-Apr-2012, 10:57
I use the method I described on NEC monitors with the same finish as yours.
My understanding is that ammonia is indeed to be avoided, and that alcohol content should be on the low side. It's mostly there as a solvent for oils, and to speed drying.

Peter De Smidt
13-Apr-2012, 12:52
I spent a few years as a home theater installer. Don't use paper towels. They will scratch the screen. Use a clean cotton cloth lightly dampened with some distilled water (or a non-ammonia cleaner), and clean off all of the dust. Then use a microfiber cloth with a little cleaner, I like invisible glass but there are many options, to get rid of any smudges.