View Full Version : Loss of Lounge posts in "New Posts"

30-Mar-2012, 09:38
In the previous iteration of the forum software, Lounge posts showed up in the "New Posts" search, even though they did not appear in specific searches.

Now, they don't show up anywhere unless I navigate to the Lounge specifically. This sure does mean a lot more button pressing when I'm trying to keep up on my iPhone, even using Tapatalk, and using a computer. Given that not all the Lounge posts are particularly controversial (in fact, few are), I wonder if this change was inadvertent or intentional.

For my own usage, having it operate as it did before would be preferable.

Rick "respectfully submitted" Denney

Kirk Gittings
30-Mar-2012, 09:40
Same here, we are trying to figure it out.

Sal Santamaura
30-Mar-2012, 10:47
Use this instead:


It'll get you everything from the last 30 days. Just like things were before any version of vBulletin. :)

Also, you can replace the "30" in that url with another number of days you'd like to search.

Kirk Gittings
30-Mar-2012, 10:49
Thanks Sal! I had lost that link that you posted a few before, and couldn't find it in a search.

OOPS that doesn't show Lounge posts either on my machine. Something else is going on here.

Sal Santamaura
30-Mar-2012, 10:53
Thanks Sal!...De nada Kirk!

Kirk Gittings
30-Mar-2012, 10:55
Sal on my machine, W7 with Google Chrome, Lounge posts don't show either.

Sal Santamaura
30-Mar-2012, 11:28
Sal on my machine, W7 with Google Chrome, Lounge posts don't show either.Dang, Kirk, after you wrote that I looked at my search results more closely. No Lounge posts! I've got the 30-day search as a bookmark for the LFF and use it like the "old" (pre-vBulletin) forum, paying essentially no attention to the 'categories,' i.e. "Forums," in the right column. So I have no idea how long I've not been seeing Lounge posts -- probably since the upgrade!

For whatever it's worth, I'm running Firefox 11.0 under Vista. Happy troubleshooting, Tom. We can't blame Explorer 9 this time, although its disfunctionality with the search is even worse: "No matches."

Kirk Gittings
2-Apr-2012, 15:35
I think Tom fixed this problem. Try it out.

Sal Santamaura
2-Apr-2012, 16:11
I think Tom fixed this problem. Try it out.Yes, works again with my standard 30-day search. Thanks Tom.