View Full Version : Yanke Ultra Bright Fresnel+Acrylic - Installation

28-Mar-2012, 15:42
I have a Linhof Super Technicka IV and recently purchased a frensel +acrylic screen to brighten the GG....it didn't come with instructions.

Can anyone give me instructions for installation?

Do I REPLACE the existing ground glass?

I saw in another thread that I am supposed to put the fresnel (frosted side towards lens) in first, then the acrylic....but do I completely remove the ground glass (and safeguard for later)?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

28-Mar-2012, 21:37
Yes, remove your old ground glass, this is ground glass replacement, after all :)
Frosted side toward the lens, clear acrylic on top of the GG (closest to you), and you're ready.
Make sure the grid lines are parallel to the metal frame before tightening everything up.

I like the Yanke even better than a Maxwell, which used to sit on my Technikardan.

29-Mar-2012, 04:20

Bob Salomon
29-Mar-2012, 04:48
You have a IV and, if your IV has a fresnel, it was placed under the ground glass (today it is on top of the ground glass). The gg in a Linhof rests on 4 adjustable shims. If your camera has the old fresnel under the gg you can not just remove it and drop your new screen on the shims as they have to be re-positioned by the service center to place the focus side of your new screen in the proper position.

If your camera did not have a fresnel under the gg then you can just drop your new screen on the shims, image forming side on the shims.