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Louie Devincentis
26-Mar-2012, 17:11
Hi Gang.
Looking for advise. I am looking at a Sinar 4x5 F series camera with 4 film holders, Rodenstock Sinornar 135mm f5.6 lens and dark cloth lightly used no scratches on ground glass or lens. This camera seems to be kept clean with no marks, rust or dents. The sellers is looking for $400.00 CAD. Is this a fair price or and I overpaying for this item.


Frank Petronio
26-Mar-2012, 17:40
It's a good deal. The lens is worth $250-plus in good condition, as is the camera.

The one place that sometimes fails is the clamp that goes under the rail to hold the front standard onto the rail. It relies on a plastic latch that sometimes cracks. Even so, a piece of tape will usually remedy the issue if caught with it.

Otherwise fire the shutter and make sure nothing is sticky, tight, or loose. Let common sense be your guide.

26-Mar-2012, 18:13
F or F2 ???

What color is the base rail? F is chrome, F2 is black.

Similar but the F2 is a much later design.

- Leigh

26-Mar-2012, 18:31
At that price, an F is a bargain and a later all black F1 would be even more of a bargain. An F2 at that price would be robbing the seller.

Rick "who would price an F2 at $500-600 in the current market--with no lens" Denney

Alan Gales
26-Mar-2012, 19:37
I'm a small time Seller on Ebay. It's a good deal!

Louie Devincentis
26-Mar-2012, 19:42
Hi Leigh.
The base rail is chrome

26-Mar-2012, 19:44
OK. It's likely an F.

Still a good deal, and a very serviceable camera.

Good luck with it.

- Leigh

Alan Gales
26-Mar-2012, 19:52
I bought an F without a rail clamp (the original owner had broken it) because I wanted the Sinar shutter that came with it. I was able to mount the F onto a tripod using the clamp off of my Sinar P. If you buy the camera and the rail clamp ever fails you can always upgrade to a later one.

26-Mar-2012, 20:03
It's my understanding that all the accessories for the basic camera lines (P, X, C, and F) are interchangeable except...
The 8x10 metering back requires a different standard and bellows than the 8x10 non-metering back.
The 4x5 MB is the same as the 4x5 non-MB.

Sinar put(s) great emphasis on maintaining that compatibility.

- Leigh

Louie Devincentis
27-Mar-2012, 04:40
Thanks everybody for your input. I did purchase the camera and I hope it works out. I am wondering though, if I want to buy extra film holders is there a specific type to buy or is it they are pretty well standard? Also is there a preference of film holders to buy? Thanks again for your help, I am almost there I just need a developing tank and film holder and away I go.

Have a great day.

27-Mar-2012, 06:31
I am wondering though, if I want to buy extra film holders is there a specific type to buy or is it they are pretty well standard? Also is there a preference of film holders to buy?

People develop preferences, but any of the standard Riteway, Lisco, or Fidelity holders work fine. Even older wood holders will work, but the newer plastic holders might be in better shape. Check with KEH.com--they have a bunch of them.

Rick "they all conform to the same standard and fit fine on any Sinar" Denney

27-Mar-2012, 06:32
Re film holders...
Holders made by Toyo are generally considered the best available. Fidelity is another good brand. Both are still in production.

Other brands include Riteway and Lisco, neither of which is currently being made.
That's odd since the same company made Fidelity, Riteway, and Lisco, although they were originally made by different firms.

Newer holders can be identified by the plastic darkslides with plastic tabs. Earlier versions had metal tabs.
I personally avoid the older holders, particularly wooden ones that are prone to warping.

You can buy good used holders and other accessories for your camera from KEH in Atlanta at www.keh.com
It's an excellent company to deal with. They have good prices, very conservative grading, and a liberal 14-day return policy.

- Leigh