View Full Version : Introducing LED panels + Epson DisplayTrans + Plexi-face mount

26-Mar-2012, 07:37
At Ken Allen Studios (http://www.KenAllenStudios.com) we have been testing light panels and transparencies for inkjet printers over the last year and are excited about the combination of materials we have assimilated.

First is the print material, Epson DisplayTrans. Until now there was no transparency material for inkjet printers that could come close to rivaling DuraTrans. With Epsons new material we are achieving rich blacks and saturation; and while Duratrans™ tends to fade quickly we are hoping that Epsons new material along with pigment inks will be much more lightfast.

Next are the new ultra-thin LED light panels. The LED technology provides even illumination across the panel with no hot spots and emits practically no heat while lasting much longer then older fluorescent light boxes.

Another benefit of the LED panels is that they are thin enough (1/4") that we are able to use high quality wood and metal frames instead of the bulky, snap-together frames used with other light boxes. In this example we worked with our custom framer to create beautiful, solid wood frames for the finished piece which allow room for an AC power cord.


Finally, to make sure the presentation is perfect we face-mounted the transparencies to PlexiGlas for a beautiful glowing presentation. These panels can also be displayed without a frame for a more pronounced effect. The light panel not only illuminates the transparency but also creates a nice wash effect on the wall which the piece is displayed.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback.

Patrick Allen
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