View Full Version : B+J 6x17???

24-Mar-2012, 15:19

I had a quick conversation with Frank Gohlke last night. Asked him about his 6x17 stuff. He said that Burke and James made a back for the his 5x7.

A lil bit of internet searching didn't really lead me to any view camera back (but I did see that they used to make/carry a panorama camera with a 120mm angulon).

Anyone have info on this thing?

Richard Wasserman
24-Mar-2012, 15:31
B&J converted surplus WWII Navy Torpedo Cameras into panoramic cameras. You can do the same—http://www.ebay.com/itm/OLD-WWII-NAVY-AIRCRAFT-TORPEDO-CAMERA-USN-VOUGHT-SOLAR-/350356413964

I did this a few years ago. I stripped out all the unnecessary bits and installed a 120 Super Symmar HM, and a finder from the late and missed Peter Gowland, and used it as a fixed focus camera. Worked quite well.

25-Mar-2012, 12:23
Yeah, I saw those but I don't think that was what Frank was talking about--looks to be a bit too big for what he was backpacking around with.

Maybe he's mis-remembering.

Richard Wasserman
25-Mar-2012, 13:59
Maybe he used just a Torpedo Camera film back that was adapted to a regular camera? The backs themselves aren't all that large.