View Full Version : Which Rollfilm Holder for Ebony 23 SW

24-Mar-2012, 14:32

i recently purchased an Ebony 23 SW.

I have 2 questions: I know that the Horseman 6x9 Back will fit. Than i saw a Wista Type D 6x9 Rollfilm Magazin at ebay. Will it fit my Ebony?
What kind of reflex viewer/right angle viewer can i use?

Thank you!


Dan Fromm
24-Mar-2012, 15:16
The two backs are the same.

Oren Grad
24-Mar-2012, 15:18
They're not the same. I've owned both types. I expect they should both be mechanically compatible with an Ebony's baby Graflok fitting. If you can, though, buy with a return privilege, just in case.

25-Mar-2012, 01:00
Thank you Dan and Oren!
I will try it, itīs a dealer - no risk.

Does anybody has a tip for an angle viewer?

Oren Grad
25-Mar-2012, 09:28
I had the Horseman 6x9 angle viewer briefly. I would expect it to fit the Ebony, because it attaches with the Graflok sliders and as I recall there wasn't anything about the shape that was likely to run into an obstruction on the body. Unfortunately, I didn't like it. I found the view dim and not especially clear. And it was a nuisance to have to use the Graflok sliders not only for the rollholder but for the viewer as well. I think it would be even more annoying on the Ebony, which has a very handy swing-out GG - you'd be bypassing that in favor of an alternative that's a lot slower, more fiddly and less clear.

I think ideally it would be nice to have some sort of viewer that attaches directly to the swing out GG frame of the Ebony. This may require a custom adaptation - you might ask Ebony about it.

Terry Hull
25-Mar-2012, 10:02
I used this camera for several years and wasn't impressed with the mono Horseman viewer, which Ebony adapted as I recall. All three Horseman backs worked perfectly.