View Full Version : How is the film in the new 20 sheet Velvia box packaged?

Scott Squires
24-Mar-2012, 11:44
I am still shooting my freezer load of Velvia 8x10 that was packaged in 10 sheet boxes but getting low on 8x10 film. The new 4x5 20 sheet boxes of Velvia come in two foil packages of 10 each. Is the new 20 sheet packages of 8x10 Velvia packaged the same way? I cut 10 8x10 sheets into two 4x10 sheets each and load 10 holders. Not a big deal just curious?

25-Mar-2012, 20:26
Scott, the new 20 sheet 8x10 boxes of Provia are in two packs of ten each.