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Andrew O'Neill
22-Mar-2012, 16:03
John Fee and I are organizing an informal LF gathering/shoot. It will be open to LF users and anyone who is interested in LF. Will put the details up here soon. Any one out there interested in coming out?


Andrew O'Neill
23-Mar-2012, 16:08
Just met with John Fee(Aporodagon), and we've decided to have the LF gathering/shoot on Saturday, April 21. We'll meet at White Spot Restaurant for breakfast, which is near the corner of Cambie Street and 12th Ave at 8am.
If the weather is fine, we'll be going to either UBC or SFU for some architectural shots. If the weather is crummy, we'll head out to Stave Lake Power Plant museum, which is located just before Mission. I believe there is a $6 entrance fee, but it's worth it.
Afterwards, we'll have dinner somewhere (if we are out in Mission area we could go to Rocko's Diner!), eat, chat about the day, show prints, etc.
Please PM me if you are interested, or need more info, directions, etc... I'll be bringing my 8x10 and 14x17.


Andrew O'Neill
26-Mar-2012, 17:33
Five people so far. The more the merrier!

Andrew O'Neill
2-Apr-2012, 18:09
Looks like we're up to seven.:)

5-Apr-2012, 12:26
I can bring a spare 4x5, tripod etc. if anybody needs one. If you just want to try large format, you're welcome to join us.

Andrew O'Neill
6-Apr-2012, 11:38
Thanks John... or should I say, aporodagon... Hope you will bring your 8x10, too. Anyone else care to join us?

6-Apr-2012, 22:20
I'm in, I'll give my managers at work the bad news. The White spot at 13th and Cambie, the NE corner at eight?

6-Apr-2012, 22:46
I cannot make the 21st but will try to follow what you guys are doing for the next one.
Ps: I should be hiking/shooting in Golden Ears tomorrow.



Andrew O'Neill
8-Apr-2012, 09:37
Pulling a sickie eh, kurtdriver? See you then. Yes, White Spot, 13th and Cambie. Not 12th... sorry about that.

Luc, maybe next time.


9-Apr-2012, 19:26
I just invited a friend (http://www.flickr.com/photos/65661641@N06/) who normally does small format, film and digital. If Aporodagon can be so nice as to bring a loaner 4x5, (mentioned above), I'm sure Kevin would appreciate that.

10-Apr-2012, 19:10
Kurtdriver - I'l bring a 4x5 (I'm using 8x10), a tripod and a few lenses. Is your friend set up with film and holders? (I smell Rocko burgers in my near future).

10-Apr-2012, 21:36
I've got film for him, but not holders, I bought four more this afternoon, but they probably won't be here by then. I haven't heard back from him, so I don't know if he'll be there. Very kind of you, btw. Kurt

Andrew O'Neill
11-Apr-2012, 15:46
mmmmm Rockos...

Andrew O'Neill
17-Apr-2012, 09:07
The weather forecast is indicating no rain for the 21st. Keep your fingers crossed!

Andrew O'Neill
20-Apr-2012, 13:16
See all of you tomorrow morning, rain or shine!

20-Apr-2012, 18:55
aporodagon, my friend will be unable to make it, so don't bring stuff on his account. Mind you, we might conscript someone from the White Spot.

Edit: My film holders arrived the other day and look great.

Andrew O'Neill
23-Apr-2012, 14:35
Well, it was really nice meeting some new faces! And, we had great weather! We ended up shooting inside the Stave Lake power house out near Mission. Afterwards, we explored further up Stave Lake, but there were too many rednecks roaring around in the 4x4's... I'll definately head back there on a weekday as it as potential.
We capped off the day at Rocko's Diner for burgers. Can't beat a Rocko burger!
Be sure to share your images here when you get a chance. Hopefully we can do it again real soon.


Andrew O'Neill
30-Apr-2012, 08:47
No images have been posted yet from our meet at the old power station on Stave Lake, so here are a couple of mine...

The one on the left is a carbon transfer print and was shot on 8x10 xray. The print is made from a digital negative, as there was just too much perspective correction needed (I wanted the draining water to run vertical).
The image on the right was exposed on two sheets of TMY-2. I plan on making a carbon transfer print with these two, as you see them, as well.
Hopefully the other participants will put some images up...


30-Apr-2012, 17:17
Wow Andrew, those, especially the second, are amazing. Frankly my mind just doesn't work that way.

I made two that day, the second was mis-framed, literally banging my head into some object or the other trying to get back a few more inches for the 210mm lens, (on 4x5). The first one's below. Still getting the hang of looking at things upside down and backwards.

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7086/7120298355_8c1bdb17cb_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/kurtdriver/7120298355/)

Ektar 100 through a 210mm Symmar-S 5.6

We should make this a monthly affair.

1-May-2012, 23:13
My contribution from the get together at the powerhouse/museum. First, big green set of pipes to direct the water over the turbines (8x10 TMY2), second, detail from a hatch (8x10 TMY2) and third, a colour overview (4x5 Portra 160) of the facility. Forgot to take a picture of Rocko's (mmmmm Rocko's). Andy, thanks for picking up the tab for the entrance fee - my turn next (or Timmies, whichever comes first).

Andrew O'Neill
2-May-2012, 07:52
John, I like the the hatch image... It has a really nice feel to it. For your first image, our tripods got quite intimate, if you know what I mean...
As far as the entrance fee goes you are very welcome! By the way, thanks for letting me use your crappy V750 scanner that can't scan worth shite ;) ... and don't get me started on your 150XL and 110XL!!
I definately want to check out those tree stumps in Stave Lake... but preferebly on a weekday when it's redneck free. You wouldn't happen to have a dingy, would you?


16-Oct-2012, 00:43
right now i mainly use mf, but am thinking to try out LF (8x10), hopefully I can learn something from you guys!

16-Oct-2012, 12:20
Tankthinks, where about in the Lower Mainland are you? We can set you up with a view camera some weekend, so let us know when you're available.

Andrew O'Neill
16-Oct-2012, 20:12
I feel a LF gathering coming about... Preferably a weekend that'll be rain-free.

16-Oct-2012, 21:28
I'm new to 4x5 and am interested getting connected to other LF photographers in the Vancouver area.

Andrew O'Neill
16-Oct-2012, 21:31
Hey John, shall we organize a meet say, to Ladner Creek trestle? :)