View Full Version : MultiStitch Introduces Large-Format Digital Capture for Professionals

22-Mar-2012, 11:53
MultiStitch can double or triple the useful life of the digital capture device you already own!


With the rapid obsolescence of digital devices, many photographers find it hard to afford repeated upgrades to remain competitive. MultiStitch (Patent Pending) is a professional photographic accessory that is intuitive and simple to use, works with Digital Backs and DSLRs, and is now available. MultiStitch lets photographers use their 4x5 cameras to shoot 2-over-2 image patterns for digital stitching, allowing true Large-Format digital capture. To learn more, visit www.multistitch.com (http://www.multistitch.com).

MultiStitch enables precise 4-way digital stitching, multiplying resolution and effective chip size to almost 4X native capture! (That’s 40MP with a 12MP DSLR on a 42x66mm “chip.”)

70692 a 36X48mm, 33 MP digital back will produce a 112 MPs from a 66X90mm "chip".

MultiStitch mounts to a 4x5 camera along all four edges and on both faces. Unlike other products, both verticals and horizontals can be shot with full camera movements. When working with a digital back, even the widest lenses can be used. Digital large-format architectural photography is now possible!

Sample images can be viewed at: http://www.multistitch.com/multistitch-for-architecture/

The built-in MultiVent relieves bellows pressure, protecting against dust to stretch the time between costly cleanings. MultiStitch is available for Medium-Format Digital Backs and Full-Frame DSLRs, and several different mount / camera / chip configurations are available.

"I have been a large-format photographer in NYC for 30 years. I became frustrated by the limitations and small formats of digital workflow, and the expense of constant upgrades. I developed MultiStitch to regain the creative control of working in 4x5," says Myko, of MYKO Photography, Inc. “It’s a big bonus that my most expensive gear lasts years longer!”