View Full Version : Century Grand Studio #4

21-Mar-2012, 21:11
I have a Century Grand Studio #4 that I inherited from my husband's family. I wonder where I could go to find a price for the camera. I want to sell it as I must downsize to a smaller home.

Steven Tribe
22-Mar-2012, 02:07
Dear Marg!

It depends on:

How complete the set is - does it have the Studio Stand, the sliding back, specific format (5x7 or 8x10"), Plate/film holders? If there is still a lens (lenses), these may have a value that dwarfs the value of the camera.

The condition? These can range from "barely recognisable" to "as new". Storage can have been from living room to leaky barn! The condition of the bellows is important as these are an expensive replacement item.

Where you live in relation to prospective buyers! Not a postal item - but a complete set fits into an ordinary car. Only a few would venture more than a couple of hours drive, though.

There is a regular sale of these cameras here. They are wonderful for mounting the big heavy and long focal lengths lenses of Yesteryear. You can list it for sale here when you have been a member here for a month - that is, sometime in April.

Photos would help give a value - but these are not high price items, no matter what the condition.
I have 3 of these types of camera (all in very good condition) and paid the equivalent of around or under usd350 for them individually within the last 3 years.
Do not use the prices you may see in Antique Shops! These are often used as display items by the owners who have a grossly inflated idea of their market value!