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16-Mar-2012, 02:21
hi, any one know where i can get one of these elusive little Zone VI stickers for my pentax spot meter?



Louie Powell
16-Mar-2012, 04:48
You need to be more clear about what you are asking. If you mean the Zone VI brand label, Richard Ritter might have a few, but I suspect that proper answer is that Calumet owns the brand and is the official source.

But if you mean the zone system label for a Pentax meter, the answer could be different. Again, Richard Ritter could be a source, but an alternate is to do a web search for instructions on how to make your own.

I have an Adorama spotmeter (essentially the same as the Soligor for which Zone VI did have a zone label). I made my own zone label using ordinary Avery paper. It's not rocket science - the indicated reading is Zone V, and other zones are displaced in exactly one-stop increments.

16-Mar-2012, 04:59
If it is for the digital meter go to the larger format home page the link at the top of the page and find the article on making your own zone dial.

Keith Pitman
16-Mar-2012, 06:08
Or here: http://www.darkroomagic.com/DarkroomMagic/Camera.html

Greg Y
16-Mar-2012, 06:12
Calumet used to sell them as well....mine is still going strong

16-Mar-2012, 17:42
Or here: http://www.darkroomagic.com/DarkroomMagic/Camera.html

That is a great link thank you

I would make my own, but I am a bit pedantic and really like the visual grey scale.

Thanks all