View Full Version : Can Prontor 01 shutter be converted back to 'size 1'?

8-Mar-2012, 00:20

I understand that the Prontor Pro 01 shutter is a '1' shutter that has been made so that it receives lenses that would normally go in a Copal '0' sized shutter.

So if the Prontor Pro 01 is a Prontor 1 shutter with a step down inside, can this be removed and the shutter used as a regular '1' sized shutter? Have any of you done this - if it is possible, is it easy or not a DIY task?

11-Mar-2012, 06:31
Does nobody know?

Is there just a step down inside, which can be removed, or not? If anyone has a Prontor 01, could you take a peek?

Bob Salomon
11-Mar-2012, 07:58
No, it can't. unless you can find those original repair parts from Prontor Werke and have the proper tools to insert the rings to exactly the proper position.
Go out an find a PP1 shutter.

11-Mar-2012, 10:25
Thanks Bob. I figured it could not be that easy!