View Full Version : Bug: Unsub from thread email links not working correctly

John Rodriguez
7-Mar-2012, 14:41
I've tried to unsub from threads that I'm getting emails from several times and keep getting an error message similar to the one below when I click on the unsub from thread link in an email.

Invalid Redirect URL (http://us.mc379.mail.yahoo.com/mc/welcome?.gx=1&.tm=1331138982&.rand=2c9e3072u8lb2)

Kirk Gittings
7-Mar-2012, 14:43
its been working fine for me right up to this morning? Hmmm....let me try it again. Yep worked fine. Try clearing your cache maybe?

John Rodriguez
7-Mar-2012, 14:46
Cleared cash and tried again. Now I get a new error -

An invalid threadid or forumid was specified.

Kirk Gittings
7-Mar-2012, 15:18
That error comes up when you try and delete a subscription that has already been deleted.