View Full Version : Time for annual maintenence!

John Kasaian
7-Mar-2012, 09:35
When I first got my 'dorff v-8 I read the maintenence article on the Deardorff Historical website and around my birthday every year I indulge my old gal with a "spa day."
After a over all good cleaning the gears get a wee bit of Lubriplate (the thick stuff) and wood to wood bearing surfaces and leather handle get a wipe of beeswax and the rest of the shell a coat of Butchers wax. The bright metal work gets wiped down and her bellows are made of a rain coat material so they just get wiped down with a damp cloth and allowed to air dry.
I like to keep most of my camera toiletries in a cigar box---a few old, well washed diapers, that tube of thick lubriplate, some beeswax candle stubs from a hospital chapel.
Anyway, thats going to be my "camera work" for this week. What annual maintenence do you give your camera? I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions as I figure my old gal deserves the best!

Daniel Stone
7-Mar-2012, 13:18
Well, my 8x10 camera hasn't been with me for a year now(Calumet C-1), almost 9mo though ;). I give it a wipe down with a dust "grabber" cloth I picked up at the 99c store. Works nice to keep dust and particulate from building up on the bellows, and every few outings or so, I vacuum out the bellows with the shop vac and a DIY fine brush tip. So far so good. I also vacuum out my holders when doing the bellows, and it has really aided in helping to keep fine dust particulate from accumulating.

But a small tube of "white grease" on the metal/metal contact surfaces helps keep things moving smoothly too :)


MIke Sherck
7-Mar-2012, 13:52
Disassemble and wipe off any dirt, being especially careful to get any grit or sand out of the focusing tracks. Then I polish up the wood with a coat of Renaissance Wax and put it back together. Looks nice, takes an hour or two per camera (4x5 Zone VI and 8x10 B&J Grover monorail.)