View Full Version : Linhof Technikardan S 4x5 and digital back

7-Mar-2012, 02:41
A simple question. How do I fit a phase one back to my linhof?

I could use a sliding back, but I'm not sure which one will fit. Is the view glass mount the same on the Technikardan S as the Technica?

There is a lot of widepan adapters out there. Are they any good? Or what is the alternative?

gary mulder
7-Mar-2012, 04:37
AFAIK the "L" standard protudes behind the ground glass frame. Consequently making the use of a sliding back impossible.

7-Mar-2012, 05:07
Hi. That explains it. I have just ordered a new linhof hasselbad V adapter for a ridicules amount of money.

And I found some nice threads about it on the forum, so consider the case closed :) . Thanks.

Bob Salomon
7-Mar-2012, 06:57
The Linhof 001693 Digi Adapter for HasselbladV compatible backs works with the TK45 system as well as with any other International back supplied 45 camera.
The Technika 45, Kardan 45 and TK 45 cameras all use the same ground glass frame.
Do be aware, Linhof sent an email to all of their distributors on 2/29.12 that there would be an immediate price increase effective 3/1/12 so be sure to order it as soon as you can. If it has to be ordered from the factory the price will be higher then what you were quoted.
There is no sliding back for either TK (23 or 45). Linhof does make sliding backs for the Techno, the M679 and the 45 Master Technika series cameras.

7-Mar-2012, 09:07
Thanks. I was warned about the price raise by my seller and he added ruffly 17% if i remember correctly... So it ended at nearly 300 EUR inc all taxes and stuff. But then I get local taxes which is a must for my company. Thanks for all the replays.