View Full Version : need advise tachihara 8x10

6-Mar-2012, 03:34
i would like to buy a 8x10 tachihara double extension + 5 five modern holders (3 toyo and 2 fidelity elite)+ a schneider apo symmar 240mm that i bough new (the lens)
the trouble is that i store the lens inside the camera for transport and it did a round mark in the center of the ground glass and the camera is in good shape but with several
marks , i don´t want to miserunderstand to nobody .
the question is ¿is 1500€ and excesive price for all the package?
thanks to all.

6-Mar-2012, 05:39
I am no expert, but this seems a correct price. At least I'd be happy to buy such a "kit" for this price, if the marks are only cosmetics and limited.

John Kasaian
6-Mar-2012, 10:44
I'd trade off the Symmar for a smaller G-Claron, which should give you plenty of clearance when the camera is folded and stowed with the board reversed, if thats an issue. Plus you'll be able to use the filters off an old Nikon SLR, saving serious money.