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6-Mar-2012, 01:19
Workshop Calotype: ‘The paper negative’

This workshop is about the paper negative, The Calotype.
This technique was invented by Fox Talbot in 1839 and was the beginning of the negative/positive system in photography.
The calotype was mostly used in the first decennium of Photography for Landscapes and Architecture in Great Brittain and Northern Europe.
During the workshop you’ll make an original Calotype as invented by Fox Talbot. After a practical and theoretical instruction you’s sensitize, expose and develop a Calotype. If there is time left over we’ll also print some negatives in Salt print.

Martin Becka teaches this workshop and is an authority on the techniques of the calotype. (http://martin.becka.pagesperso-orange.fr/)

Costs: € 325,00, incl. lunch excl.lab fee
When: 20 en 21 april 10.00-18.00 hrs
Where: Pieter Brueghel, Veghel, The Netherlands (www.pieterbrueghel.nl)
(Veghel is situated near Eindhoven in the Netherlands)


For more information about the process or workshop?
Contact Jeroen de Wijs at +31(0)628886026 or by mail jeroen@mudar.nl