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5-Mar-2012, 06:21
I have been toying with the idea of trying 8x10 if I could acquire a camera at a good price.

Yesterday the Toronto chapter of the Photographic Historical Society had their annual auction and I was successful in purchasing an Eastman View No. 2 (Kodak 2D), at a very satisfactory price, with lens and four film holders. It seems to be in very good condition. Considering the price I am not upset that on getting home I discovered one of the wooden film holders is a non standard size and doesn’t fit the camera. I am now curious whether this is a different film format size (which I doubt) or just an early film holder made before the 8x10 size became standardized.

Does anyone know what camera this film holder might fit, or alternately what format it might be for.

The dimensions taken from one of the “regular” film holders I acquired are as follows:

External dimensions (excluding darkslide):
11 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches

Dimensions of the opening for exposing the film
9 5/8 inches x 7 7/8 inches

The dimensions from the “oversized” film holder are as follows:

External dimensions (excluding darkslide):
12 inches x 10 inches

Dimensions of the opening for exposing the film
9 3/4 inches x 8 inches

I appreciate your help

5-Mar-2012, 23:46
Welcome to the 8X10 world. Yes, to answer your question. Some of the holders are a little larger. I found that out the hard way too. With my Kodak 2D, I primarily use the Graflex,Kodak,Fidelity, Lisco wood holders as they seem to work just fine. The Fidelity and Lisco state 8X10 film on the top part of the holders. Then again, some have fallen apart while out in the field.

Frank, if you want to play around with the 8X10 camera, I would suggest you purchase some 8X10 X-ray film green sensitive film. I have been exposing it at a film speed of 80. It is the least expensive way to learn using the larger camera. There is a thread on this site concerning the use of X-ray film. One bit of warning. It does scratch very easily.

Good luck,


6-Mar-2012, 16:45
thanks for the feedback and the tip about X-ray film