View Full Version : Epson Hot Press papers - spray coating or not?

Dakotah Jackson
28-Feb-2012, 17:58
Have been working with this paper a bit after hanging a group show that included one photographer whose work was on it. That individuals images stood out over every other in the show - both up close and across the room. Drew more comments than anything in the show, her four prints out of about 60 images.

So, I bought some and tried it for the digital printing and it does look very good.

One question on it - anyone know how it works with the spray coatings for both protection and 'look' on the finished print?

The surface is fragile. Would the spray finish protect it better without harm?

Any way to look closer to a fine silver based B&W print waxed with Renaissance Wax? I already tried that on this paper and all it does is dull it. Nothing like I am looking for. Am hoping there is a way to get it closer to the Azo contact print or fine print with waxed surface.

Any experience is welcome before I start doing more with it. Just hoping to short circuit some of the wasted effort and material in trying to get a result I really like.