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Richard Rankin
28-Feb-2012, 15:28
Since the switch, I routinely get really slow response times for significant blocks of time. I'll click, say, unified view' and wait up to 30 seconds for it to appear. In the meantime, I can open other tabs and bounce all over the place at the same time, so it is seems to be a LFPF server problem.


Scott Walker
28-Feb-2012, 15:31
I have noticed the same thing

Kirk Gittings
28-Feb-2012, 15:34
We have noticed this problem and are trying to track it down.

6-Mar-2012, 21:32
Noticed the same problem. I've seen it both in Montreal and San Francisco, for whatever that is worth. Happens quite regularly, since the server upgrade and occurs at about a constant frequency since then. No apparent pattern in terms of day/night, weekday or weekend etc.

6-Mar-2012, 22:15
Yesterday I posted a response to a thread, and the system just sat there.

I clicked the post button again a few minutes later, then again a few minutes later, with no response either time.

I abandoned the effort and went off to do other things.

When I came back I found that all three replies had posted, with time stamps spanning 13 MINUTES.

That's more than a minor system hang.

- Leigh

bob carnie
7-Mar-2012, 10:32
Noticed same problem,,, as well I would dearly like to get rid of the WTB and For Sales Forums, I am now three pages long opening up due to all the gear for sale .

7-Mar-2012, 10:33
Me too. The forum changes corresponded with my systems update of IE so I thought it might be the browser.

Robert Tilden
7-Mar-2012, 10:35
No trouble from Chicago with Firefox...

Jim Noel
7-Mar-2012, 10:37
Yesterday there was a lot of interference with radio,and other such communication, due to a large amount of sun spot activity. Locally some radio stations lost their feed for several minutes.

7-Mar-2012, 10:41
The cable company has been digging up sidewalks in my neighborhood. Could that affect internet speed?

7-Mar-2012, 10:55
This is not a cable-company issue. When the forum hangs (which it does for me about one in five times), it stays hung for about 30 seconds, and it's done so in a variety of connection environments and browsers. During the pause, I can do other work on the Internet normally, so the cause is not Internet service.

I suspect it's in the page-drawing engine and not the database, because I've not noticed it with the Tapatalk interface.

My experience is that such problems are usually related to the forum server software going out to the Internet for some external service, and when that service is unavailable, it has to time out before completing the client's page load. I've seen it with ads, counters, other types of banners, and so on. This seems like a similar sort of problem.

Rick "providing a data point" Denney

E. von Hoegh
7-Mar-2012, 11:03
I've noticed that when the forum hangs, I can sometimes click the back button, then try again and it will load immediately. As Rick, it hangs for me about one in 4 or 5 times.

7-Mar-2012, 11:55
This is not a cable-company issue.

Ya... that's what my internet provider's help desk said when I totally lost service one day and asked if the guys digging holes in front of my house may have anything to do with it.

But it sounds so much mroe authoritative when said with an Indian accent. :)

Scott Walker
7-Mar-2012, 12:24
The problem seems to be happening more often

7-Mar-2012, 13:06
I suspect it's in the page-drawing engine and not the database, because I've not noticed it with the Tapatalk interface.

The one does not exclude the other. Indeed it rather looks as if some sub-element of the page could not be served, preventing the whole page from being rendered - and that may well be bypassed when using another interface that does not include the same components.

In my experience, it is most often due to a mis-optimized database (not unlikely on a fresh server like ours, where the initial tuning probably took part before the database got stirred up by user interaction), or embedded content from heavily loaded sites (notably Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo etc.).

Ken Lee
7-Mar-2012, 13:20
Our forum is hosted on a server at no charge. The server belongs to someone else, and our forum is not the only application running on that machine.

Some of us have been recording the date/time of these performance drops, so that one of the moderators can inspect the server logs, and (hopefully) discover a pattern which can be corrected.

Tom Westbrook
8-Mar-2012, 17:16
I'm doing some research on this. I'll probably do a mini-outage this weekend to change database tuning to see if it helps. Might take a few iterations to get it sorted, though.

Kirk Gittings
8-Mar-2012, 17:22
Thanks Tom good luck. We had this problem a couple of years ago. Remember? It seemed to sort itself out.

8-Mar-2012, 17:29
Hi Tom,

This isn't a database issue. Database hangs may last for tenths of a second, but not ten minutes or more.

I agree with Rick (for once) that this sounds like an external resource problem.

Since the problem started with the vBulletin upgrade, I would contact those folks and ask if the new version uses any resources or has any other interaction with their site that might hang on an access failure.

Stick a line monitor on the Ethernet and capture any interaction with the vBulletin site. I bet you'll find something.

Just a suggestion.

- Leigh

8-Mar-2012, 20:33
Just a follow-on to my previous comments...

Note that the hang occurs after the post has been written to the database,
as evidenced by the time stamps in the multiple post sequence that I mentioned above.

- Leigh

Richard Rankin
10-Mar-2012, 13:26
I had a 42 second wait for a page load. Meanwhile, I loaded numerous pages from all over the world. I do recall this from a few years ago but thought at the time it was some sort of load balance issue, but that might have been APUG. Regardless, in my experience, this is getting worse, not better. It happenes more frequently and for longer times.


Tom Westbrook
11-Mar-2012, 06:05
It looks like it's tied to the attachments tables in the database (we have almost 4GB of attachments). I made a couple of changes that should help with the periodic performance issue.