View Full Version : having trouble with the new format

David Michael Bigeleisen
22-Feb-2012, 20:38
I have been having trouble using the new format.

1. When i search the forum of image sharing, and click on a thumbnail image, a notice pops up on my screen that says that I need to log in. I do so. The enlarged image appears on my computer screen. The I click on the go backward symbol on my computer screen.

Nothing happens. I have to quit large format photography forum.

2. I am unable to gain access to the for sale, for trade and wanted section of the forum at all. It just says " private".

3. Am I doing something wrong?

David Michael Bigeleisen

Ralph Barker
23-Feb-2012, 07:40
Are you clicking the "Remember me" box when logging in? If not, that is the likely cause, as sub-processes won't know that you have logged in.