View Full Version : Full Mailboxes

eric black
21-Feb-2012, 17:51
Is there any type of message that is delivered by email to a forum member with a full mailbox- with the sent mail and other boxes not immediately visible on that part of the forum (when viewing the inbox), Im sure there are those who dont even realize they have a full box. I am trying to communicate for a possible sale (with a moderator no less) and am getting a message that I cant send them a reply PM to their inquiry until they clear up their mail situation- possible a suggestion for a site improvement?

Darin Boville
21-Feb-2012, 17:54
The new system puts the warning box way ay down at the bottom of your in box...a little hard to see. Hopefully it can be moved. While we are at it, why only 100 messages? That seem something back from the days of floppy disks. Why not a 1000 messages?


eric black
22-Feb-2012, 08:57
Agreed- I just checked mine and it took me a while to even find the descriptor- If the mods are looking for feedback on this new system- this is an area that could be vastly improved

Roger Thoms
22-Feb-2012, 09:16
I just got email notification that my pm box was full when a forum member tried to pm me. I was actually surprised, figured it was an part of the new upgrade.