View Full Version : New styles don't distinguish links well

Mike Anderson
20-Feb-2012, 19:51
I like the new styles Charcoal, Gray, Brown and BlueGray, they have nice contrast and are readable, links aren't obvious. This is a link (http://www.useit.com/alertbox/20040510.html), and isn't distinguished in some style schemes.

If someone could make these links either dark blue or underlined or both that would improve usability. Thanks.

20-Feb-2012, 20:10
I'm using the Blackend skin, aka Pumpkin or Halloween.

Links show up fine here, as orange text on the black background.

- Leigh

20-Feb-2012, 20:31
I agree with Mike. I'm using the Gray skin and can verify the link in his post looks like regular text.


Tom Westbrook
21-Feb-2012, 04:42
It's fixed now.

21-Feb-2012, 04:42
I'm using "Brown" and the link reads the same as the text surrounding it.


Tom Westbrook
21-Feb-2012, 05:05
How about now?

21-Feb-2012, 05:39
I use the Gray skin and the links look fine. :)

Mike Anderson
21-Feb-2012, 12:19
It's fixed now.
Much better. Thanks.

21-Feb-2012, 14:18
Yep, I can see the link in a contrasting color now. Thanks.